Welcome to the art of Jean Girigori, one of the leading painters of the 'magic arc' of the Caribbean. Jean Girigori's highly sought after work is displayed at the United Nations, The Embassy of the Netherlands in Washington, and is exhibited in museums and galleries accross Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. This Curacao painter's works is an outpouring of her being and her philosophy and embodies all the warmth and spirit of her native land and mighty personality. You are invited to enjoy these works and explore with Jean the themes, symbols, images and colors that make up the 500 year history and contemporary life of the Caribbean. Enjoy this extraordinary journey into the vibrant land of the imagination and spirit. We hope that you will find the painting that speaks directly to your heart and soul and will bring joy to your life. For more information you are invited to vist www.jeangirigori.com